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Amid the extreme poverty of the central highlands of Madagascar, a remarkable project provides education, hope and health to hundreds of children and their families.

We create sustainable communities through five project areas:


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Toonie Twinning

Toonie Twinning

A young person you know can befriend a child in Madagascar and send them to school for only $2/week, the cost of a chocolate bar, coffee, or piece of pizza at school. Yes, for only $104/year you can change a life overseas, and give a new perspective to youth here at home.



In 2022 our special campaign for Giving Tuesday was to enlist 400 new Toonie Twins, so that each child at the school will have someone special to support him/her! 

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Giving Tuesday 

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What our donors are saying: 

"We support the work of the Madagascar School Project because we can see the result of our donations. Fundraising reports show the progress and change over the preceding year and the new impacts that the project is having. Many organizations report in general terms about their activity - the Madagascar School Project reports specific, concrete things that are being done with donations and this helps us to see that we are really making a difference."  ~ Claudia and Hallam Johnston, Ottawa.