Children Helping Children... To be Continued

November 11, 2016

Over the past couple of years I've had the chance to communicate with schools all over the world, thanks to this webpage and our Facebook Page. 

Conscientious teachers who want their children to really understand Madagascar have helped their children to learn about life here, and then have raised money to actually act out of the compassion they feel and do something tangible.

Most recently the students of the Hurupaki School, in Whangarei, New Zealand have studied Madagascar, made a movie, and have agreed to sponsor two more children through Toonie Twinning! Their teacher, Carol Tyson, had already sponsored Safidy, last year with her class. Safidy left our school because we helped his village to have a school of their own, and now he doesn't have to walk 1.5 hours to our school. He is able to still write letters to Carol and her class from his new school! I will try to post the video, and below are some pictures of the class and the work they've done.

Here is last year's class, below, and the work they did in learning about Madagascar. You can see the lucky student, Safidy, who received a letter from each child!

This is Carol's last year's class who did all these projects you see.

Hats off to Carol Tyson and her marvellous students from this year and last!