Fall Newsletter 2023


Celebrating 15 years!

It's been a difficult year for the people of Madagascar as the price of rice has tripled along with many of the necessities of life. As a result, MSP began feeding breakfast to all staff and students as well as the regular lunch. This kept students energetic and learning throughout the school day. We also cared for vulnerable individuals by providing weekly rice to 138 elderly villagers.

Our school team showed an empathetic response to the changing situation by moving quickly to support the whole community.

The end of the school year found the whole school celebrating our anniversary with 3 days of festivities. The teachers created a cake representing the whole school! The staff worked together to organize a parade from our first Lova Soa School to Tenaquip School, speeches outlining our history, performances by students, sporting events, a huge feast and the official opening of our medical centre and workshop!                                 cake

Tenaquip is poised to begin classes this September in carpentry and welding for those who wish a career in the trades and also for our students in the Grades. Years ago we gave Mr. Joary a scholarship to learn carpentry and now he will give back as our instructor, along with his brother, Stefan, a welder.    

trades     fruit trees     

As a result of the generosity of one of our donors, each family at our school received two fruit trees to plant at their home. This will give each family fruit to eat and sell each year.

In cooperation with our village church, the students and congregation planted 2,080 trees at school and on church property! With your donations, you have provided a gift that will keep on giving for generations to come!

Some 82 students received new eyeglasses this year. Thanks to your support their world is brighter and clearer!

Sensational Results:  Our graduating classes made us proud with the results of their statewide exams. 77% of students in the science stream passed and the literary stream saw a 73% success rate! We have never achieved these numbers before. In addition, 6 students received honourable mention. Great dedication on the part of all our students and teachers!

A new save of Volunteers are expected in 2023-2024:

stART International Team of 5 Waldorf instructors Aug. 26 - Sep. 9th

Pierre Beaulieu – security guard training Oct. 3 - 16th

Kinnon Lajoie - gardening teacher Oct - Dec 23

Oliver Schwab - Swiss - teacher support, arts, photography March - July 2024