Fall Update 2020

October 25, 2020

While much of the world has been in holding pattern since March, things have not come to a total standstill at the Project. Check out our facebook page for pictures from each month!

In early days, our man-of-all-repairs, M. Feno, oversaw work on a new experimental toilet set-up. More bathroom facilities are needed for the number of students and staff at the school and in the spirit of permaculture and trying to be kind to the environment, we are looking at ways to use our waste safely and appropriately as compost for the trees and gardens.   Handwashing stations were also created from containers, and our seamstresses were busy making masks. 

When Madagascar went into lockdown, the school was closed for a period of time, but some maintenance and repairs were able to proceed, with folks wearing masks and maintaining social distancing or working alone on projects. The cooks all came to work each day, even when the school was closed, to work in the gardens and help produce food for the school to sell. Additional rice was purchased and distributed to families to help compensate for the fact that the children were not at school to receive their usual noon meal. Repairs have been done to the rice mill and folks are looking forward to spring and new crops. 

One of our former teachers, Anna, organized an English Club for a few interested children from July to September, and their enthusiasm and efforts were heart-warming. Engendering a love of learning and a desire to improve is one of the best results of our project. Arrangements were made for the students at the three levels of government examinations to attend school to write their exams. Just now our senior class are writing their exams off-site, staying at the orphanage Akany Famonjena, sleeping there and sharing meals with the orphanage children. They walk an hour to the high school in Ambohidratrimo where the exams are invigilated. We are so appreciative of the good relations with the orphanage and all that has been learned and shared from Mary Sherwood's work there over the years. 

Registration has just taken place for the new school year, and it seems we have a full-to-overflowing house! It's an exciting time as the campus begins to echo with the sound of little happy voices arriving early in the morning, the squeaking of the swings at break times, and the games and songs throughout the day. And of course all the new things that will be learned, new friendships created, new possibilities opening for the future... Keep them all in your prayers for safety and good health and remember the needs as you begin to plan your gift giving for the coming holiday seasons!