First Impressions January

February 1, 2018

I arrived to find the school community strong, and vibrant. There is an atmosphere of possibility and excitement in the air.

 Our soccer team won the championship in January for the whole of our school board district. They await the playoffs with other school areas.


 Teachers are keen to share the changes they have made to the way they are teaching. They have found proof through the increased interest and curiosity of their students, that they are doing much more than preparing students for state exams - they are forming the foundations for lifelong learning. Anne and Emmanuelle, of the stART team (Emergency Aid for Children) have just arrived from Europe to work with our teachers in a week-long training.

The school committee has taken on a great deal more responsibility. It has initiated security measures and procedures to ensure the best use of materials, income earned and farm produce. The school committee will now expand the farm, adding to our laying hen project, the raising of pigs and ducks.

Thanks to the church women of Nova Scotia, I was honoured to be able to hand out beautifully hand-made dresses to 52 young, disadvantaged girls in our school.


IMG_4900.JPG    IMG_4862.JPG


The gardens are green and, during the rainy season, give enough vegetables for our 750 daily meals for students and staff. We have over 100 fruit trees, 50 pineapple plants, as well as medicinal trees, olive and citronella growing in our gardens. The permaculture gardens with our new swales and terraced vegetables plots have held well throughout cyclones and downpours and are now strong and set. Vines of cucumber and squash wind their ways up the inclines and help hold the earth.

 We are looking forward to all that is ahead, both the struggles and the successes!


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