First trip of 2016- Jan. 11

January 11, 2016

So, I'm just getting ready to head to the airport and take off for Madagascar for another almost three months. I'm very excited and feel ready for another chance to work with the students and staff at our growing school. One is never quite sure what the opportunities and challenges will be presented, but it's always exciting and enriching.
We are pleased to welcome three volunteers this time over, two Waldorf teacher/trainers, one Canadian, one European, and a young woman from Pickering, Ontario to teach English to our students. We will also welcome Jo Saunders and her daughter who will come and plant an orchard for us.

The Waldorf teachers will be training our teachers with this holistic approach,  sharing their experience and skills with our whole staff, and Ashleigh will be working with teachers and students in helping them become more at ease in English.

My goals for this trip are to:
- bring a variety of authentic assessment methods to teachers
- continue to work on developing story-telling practices in classes
- bring leadership tools to build an accountable local committee 
- work with staff to plan and carry out our first festival to celebrate our 6th anniversary at Tenaquip School
- oversee the building of a chicken barn for layers
- oversee the building of a second water reservoir, the digging of the source and the installation of a new solar water heater
- Toonie Twinning pictures, letters and class lists
- oversee the building a clay bread oven (Waldorf mentor's work).
- continue the expansion of gardens
- witness the growth of rice in our own rice fields

My trip will end with a visit to a wonderful group of supporters in Kent, England who are doing a Toonie Twinning version called "Quids for Kids".

It never ceases to amaze me how helpful people are in giving in all ways to this project. I have had the opportunity to learn from so many Canadians as they share their knowledge and experience. I've had help with how to start a co-operative, how to find importation and certification contacts, research into Madagascar's roots, how to develop a team and a community, as well as help in staying in tune with the United Nations goals for development.It is amazing how helpful and gracious people are in their willingness to help. 

I will try to write more often than in the past. Stay Tuned.