Medical Mission

November 28, 2019

A very capable and generous group of 9 medical professionals arrived at the Ivato Airport in Antananarivo between the 16th to the 19th of November, congregating there from countries far and wide. Their mission - to treat as many people as they could at Tenaquip School and in the community in the rural highlands of Madagascar. 

Dr. Wen Shu, of Alexandria, Ontario, Canada was the instigator and organizer of this International Medical Mission to help the many people who cannot afford medical attention. The cost to fly into Madagascar is significant, and these people all paid their own expenses to be able to carry out their mission.

Ten days of extremely long hours, and very tight living quarters treating everyone who came to see them at Tenaquip School. The treatments began with our 750 students and the staff and quickly word spread that these healers were here to help at no cost to the patients. One man, who had suffered a stroke was brought to the school in a wheelbarrow!

We heard that on the last day that they were at the school, the doctors treated a whopping 400 people!


IMG_5356 2.jpg

 People gathered to get free treatment from the doctors

On behalf of the people of Ambohiborosy, the surrounding villages, and the Tenaquip School,  We thank you, very much for your dedication, for sharing your skills and for your giving spirits.