Permaculture Project

October 7, 2018

In the early summer of 2018, Lukas Url, a Swiss permaculture consultant, returned to Sekoly Tenaquip, to continue work on the school’s permaculture gardens. With the willing assistance of students, staff and parents, Lukas was able to complete work on the terraces, swales and water retention basins that he began last year. This is a model project, demonstrating the efficacy of permaculture in a deforested environment like Madagascar’s. Just as importantly, it will ensure that our school gardens continue to produce food for our growing student body, with a little bit left
over to take to market!

As always, Lukas documented his work with words and images. The selection of photographs below shows just how much was done over the space of a few weeks, and how hard everybody worked to bring this wonderful communal project together.

A water retention basin     Permaculture Beds


Many hands     No Machines


Team Meeting .   Helpers


Terraces .   Terraces 2


Thank you .   Kitchen team


Why we do what we do .   Work begins


Volunteers .