The Generosity of Children

March 14, 2014

I heard today that a youngster has saved the money from the visit of the Tooth Fairy to send to her Toonie Twinning friend in Madagascar!

“The arm is broken you say? Good opportunity to raise some money!” says Karli Archambault, former student of Maxville Public School.

This family of three children, living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,  each asked for donations for Madagascar at their birthday parties, and made very stong donations. Young girls, Serena and Amelia Scott from Carleton Place, after hearing a talk at their school about MSP decided to raise money at their next birthdays and have donated it to us (unfortunately no picture). Logan and Xander Andrews from Maxville also managed a large donation in refusing anything but money for Madagascar for their birthday parties. I don’t know about you, but when I was a child, birthdays were pretty important and looked forward to for months in advance. Hat’s off to thèse young people with big hearts!