It takes a community to build a school.

Help us to build a better life for the villagers of central Madagascar. 




Madagascar School Project, P.O. Box 684, Cornwall, ON  K6H 5T5

Payment Information:
Please make out cheques to The Madagascar School Project.  We also accept money orders, but please do not send cash in the mail.

Donation will be designated to Greatest need, and directed to the most urgent cause or you may choose to support an item from our Wish List.


Join our Toonie Twinning program. For just $2 a week, send a Malagasy child to school and help support the entire community

The Madagascar School Project has built a community of support that has enabled us to build schools, hire staff and provide health care and basic improvements in the lives of the Malagasy people.  Currently our annual budget of approximately $180,000 enables us to maintain the projects that we've established.  

On behalf of the school community of the Madagascar School Project,  thank you for donating!

With your help we can do so much more:  

  • more classrooms
  • barns for livestock and farm expansion
  • business development
  • bio-gas energy source, to prevent further deforestation
  • tools and lumber for the carpentry guild
  • professional development for teachers
  • basic medical equipment
  • care for birthing mothers and their infants

You can help by contributing to the Madagascar School Project.  We're a Canadian registered charity, and issue tax receipts for all donations over $20. $2 can make a huge difference in the lives of Malagasy children and their families. So just think what a donation of $50 or $100 will do.

Please join our community of support for Malagasy children and their families.  Help to change lives, and the future, one school at a time.

What our donors are saying:

"We support the work of the Madagascar School Project because we can see the result of our donations.  Kathy's reports show the progress and change over the preceding year and the new impacts that the project is having. Many organizations report in general terms about their activity - the Madagascar School Project reports specific, concrete things that are being done with donations and this helps us to see that we are really making a difference."
~ Claudia and Hallam Johnston, Ottawa

It takes a community to change the world.