Toonie Twinning

Toonie Twinning

How it works:

Commit to helping a child in Madagascar attend school by donating $2/week.
A toonie a week pays for:
- Teachers' salaries
- School supplies (pencils, erasers, notebooks, geometry sets, chalk, etc.)
- Uniforms (uniforms are a Malagasy custom and cover the inadequate clothing which might embarrass some students. Our trade class makes uniforms as part of their training.)

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As a registered Canadian charity, we issue tax receipts for all donations greater than $20.

Make it possible for a child you know to:

- Experience the joy of helping another

- Learn about life in a very different part of the world by having a friend in a developing country

- Offer a life-changing opportunity to another child through his/her own efforts

- Spare a Malagasy child the hardship of working in the fields

- Realize how lucky they are to be able to go to school


Donors receive a photo and details about their Malagasy twin and at least one letter a year; if desired, they can correspond regularly through email or the post. Our translator ensures that each twinned pair can communicate.  It is our hope that relationships may develop that may one day change the world.  


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