Send another 100 children to school !

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Give the gift of an education! A child you know can befriend a young child in Madagascar and send that child to school for only $2/week, the cost of a chocolate bar, or piece of pizza at school. Yes, for only $100/year you can change a life and give a child a future.

Make it possible for a child you know to:

- Experience the joy in helping another

- Learn about life in a very different part of the world through having a friend in a developing country

- Offer a life changing opportunity to another child through his/her own efforts

- Spare a Malagasy child the hardship of working in the fields

- Realize how lucky they are to be able to go to school

Give the gift that can change a life. Instead of another toy or electronic device, what about giving a caring and lasting gift – an education for a disadvantaged young person - the gift of a friend in Madagascar.