EducationOver the past 4 years the Tenaquip school has taken much inspiration from Waldorf education and its holistic approach to nurturing children ‘head, heart and hands’. Not only has Kathy done a full 3 year Waldorf training, but a number of highly experienced “master teachers” have come to work directly with the faculty at our school. It has been enriching on a number of levels.

This inspiring approach to teaching helps teachers speak to the student’s heart and hands as well as to their heads. They lead the students in rigorous academic work that is then balanced and fructified by the arts, crafts and physical activity. Beyond learning language arts, mathematics, history and science our students take part in hands-on activities like house building, farming, sewing, knitting, weaving, basket making, carpentry, and welding, to name just a few that are so practical in their communities.

Our teachers are learning to present their subject in interactive and more engaging ways using stories and interactive presentations that drive the learning deeper, develop a will in the child, an I-Can- Do attitude. They have been focusing on traditional Malagasy stories to help the students feel connected with pride to their past, their culture, and language. As a colonized people, they need to gain the confidence and strong roots to counter foreign influence and treasure their own rich history and culture. Furthermore, our teachers are
striving to cultivate a love for the Malagasy environment. This is crucial in a land that is so badly deforested it is in risk of becoming a desert.

Waldorf is bringing hope to our ‘little’ school that these children will have all the skills and capacities to make the world, their world, a better place. Thank you again for helping to make this possible.