A small investment can change lives


This widowed grandmother is raising two grandchildren (above). She has land but couldn't afford seed or fertilizer, so the land went unplanted. We loaned her $20, with that investment she was able to grow a field of onions and garlic. Already she's giving back.









Micro-financeSimilarly, this woman had the great idea of opening a store in her village.  With a $20 loan from MSP she was able to open and stock the store in her house, the only one in her village.  Now she is providing for her family with the store's income. Can you imagine a better return on $20?



Needs and costs (CAD) 

$25 -$100 will enable a villager to start a business (buy materials, tools, seed, fertilizer, etc.)

Could you mentor a start-up enterprise, and support Tenaquip's growth toward autonomy?  We will help, as our volunteer resources allow, to connect you with villagers who have the skills and desire to be entrepreneurs.