Supporting Health

Madagascar School Project's doctors receive donated medications

Supporting HealthWith the nearest doctor 45 minutes away on foot, we realized early on that we needed a doctor to help our students and villagers. 

We built a medical clinic on the school site and employed a doctor who lived and worked here during the week.  He treated everyone, whether or not they could pay for his services.  Our waiting room was often full, especially in winter when pneumonia is common. Now we are waiting for our two student doctors to finish their degrees before we restaff the clinic with a doctor 4 days per week.


We have an emergency room nurse who opens the clinic each week and takes care of minor ailments. We were lucky enough to have a visit from a Volunteer International Health Organization who brought 7 doctors to treat people for no cost over an 8 day period, and last fall we had a week's visit from a group of 7 acupuncturists and a medical doctor who offered care to the children and folks from the surrounding villages. 

And we provide donated medications such as vitamins, antibiotics and painkillers that the doctor prescribes.  Previously treatment was often out of the question, since villagers simply don't have the money for bus fare to the city or for high pharmacy prices.

Supporting HealthEvery two years we bring an opthalmologist to the village for eye care for the children and to fit villagers with donated prescription eyeglasses.

Parents are sometimes reluctant to accept the gift of eyeglasses for their children since they know they can't afford to replace them. We tell them that we will do all we can to keep students supplied with glasses until they can earn their own living.

Needs & Costs (CAD)

Annual doctor's visit for 3 children   $10
 Medication (to treat pain, infection or other conditions)  $10-$30
 Transportation to city specialists  $15
 Vitamins for pregnant women and vulnerable villagers    $30
 Family planning (injected contraceptive)  $10/3 months
 Specialized tests such as x-rays or blood tests  $50
 Dental appointment $15
 Eyeglasses for a child