Sustainable Energy


Sustainable energy

Solar OvenSolar power is an obvious choice. Solar ovens are used to cook rice.  Simple enough, but a real breakthrough in houses with indoor cooking fires and no chimneys.

After eight or nine hours in the sun a pot of rice is ready to eat, with no added energy or attention.

Solar ovens not only cook food, but eliminate the health risks of wood smoke within the house.  And any reduction in wood use for fuel is a bonus in deforested Madagascar


A biodigester is in operation at a nearby orphanage, which we hope to build in the near future. Every day a pail of cow manure is added through the opening at the right. Methane gas is produced in the round cement chamber covered by the expandable bladder. The methane rises through a tube connected to a gas stove in the kitchen, and provides power to cook meals for the 35 children at the orphanage. Liquid is drained off through the pipe at the left to fertilize crops.

With our solar heater we’ve been able to heat water with the help of the sun. This lets the children have warm showers.

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Needs & Costs (CAD)

Energy efficient stoves for village homes / $25
Solar heater for children's school shower / $1000