Solar power is an obvious choice. Solar ovens are simple enough but a real breakthrough in houses that depend on indoor cooking fires and lack chimneys.


What a treat! Hot showers and warm water for dishwashing through our rooftop solar water heaters.

Solar panels on the roof give us much-needed electricity for light, computers, and the internet.

A pot full of rice is ready to eat, with no added energy or attention, just the rays of the sun! Solar ovens not only cook food but eliminate the health risks of wood smoke within the buildings. Also, any reduction in wood used for fuel is a bonus in deforested Madagascar.

The school has given families the opportunity to buy highly efficient rocket stoves, to further the preservation of trees.


Our biogas digester uses cow manure to produce methane gas. This gas rises through a tube and connects to a small camp stove in the kitchen, providing the fuel to cook meals for the guards working nights at the school.  Liquid to fertilize crops is drained from the biodigester through the pipe at the left.