Who We Are

The Madagascar School Project doesn't just build and operate schools. We're changing lives, because it takes a community to build a school.

Our Mission:

to lead Malagasy people to enable the community to educate all children and youth, while caring for their health and well-being.
We provide schools, teachers and hope to children who otherwise would have no educational opportunities, and no chance to improve their lives. We believe that education begins with a pencil – a catalyst for thought, creativity and expression – and a spirit that nurtures young minds.

So what do we do?  We provide the pencils, and the schools, and the teachers, and the support staff and supplies. And a hot meal for the students and their younger siblings during the day to support their learning and health.

So far we've built two schools, with 700 students, 40 teachers and additional support staff hired from the local villages. We work with the community to grow food for the students and their families, and collaborate with the villagers to provide adult apprenticeships and training as well as medical and vision care. And we've built a community of support to fund this work. Above all, we've learned that it takes a community to build a school.


The Madagascar School Project Inc. is a Canadian registered charity founded in 2007 and committed to helping Malagasy communities develop and maintain their own schools.

We believe the Project must:
  • lead to financial sustainability by 2026
  • develop Malagasy leadership
  • be environmentally sustainable and helpful to the area 
  • educate students using Malagasy culture and language
  • prove its efficacy by graduating well-educated youth able to support themselves and showing a strong commitment to improving life for others
  • show value to its supporters in a transparent manner
  • pass the scrutiny of educational appraisal, auditor’s reports, agricultural production and other measures of success